Carsclusive’s End-Of-Summer Car Show

With the summer coming close to an end, we here at Carsclusive would like to thank everyone supporting us, and to thank everyone who came out to our End-Of-Summer Car Show earlier this month!

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Over a hundred cars came out to the show, all of which were tastefully modified & meticulously maintained.

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We’d like to personally thank our sponsors F3 Auto Detailers, Absolute Electronix & Impulse Automotive for helping us host this show. With their help, we were able to give out a ton of awesome raffle prizes and trophies, ranging from Free Car Washes to free speakers. We also would like to give a quick shout out to the various clubs that showed up such as EuroKlasse, Timeless Motor Group, Nu Conceptz & Rolling Status to make the show much more lively!





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Especially a big thanks to Byron and our friends at Impulse Automotives for providing us with the location and letting us host this awesome show.








We would like to extend our thanks to the talented photographer M.A. Jafari for coming out and covering the event for us! You can check more of his work out on instagram @m.a_jafari or on Facebook @M.A. Jafari Photos!









We can not wait for the next season to come around for bigger and better things! Stay posted for new videos and materials to drop!












F3 Auto Detailing: Simple Steps for a Gleaming Car

     Everyone wants a car that looks great from the inside and out whether you are a car enthusiast or not. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the correct steps to have their beautiful cars look like new, or even better than new. Too many people unfortunately believe that simply bringing their car to a random car wash does the trick. This is purely not the most adequate way to maintain a car’s cleanliness for many years to come. Here at Carsclusive, we believe it is very important for car owners to know the right steps to take in order to have a well maintained clean car.


      Since many of you sent in questions in regards to maintaining your car, we decided to take you to a professional and provide you with a first hand glimpse at how detailing a Car is really done. Our mission was to provide a quick tutorial to the everyday car enthusiast on how to maintain and wash their cars properly with everyday tools and off-the-shelf products. We would like to thank our friends at F3 Auto Detailing providing us with a quick simple Detail 101 that anyone of us can do at home with minimal equipment.

Check out this video for an inside look of what a typical day at F3 Auto Detailing looks like!

     Lots of people tend to think washing the car in the sun will yield better results since hot sun equals drying fast. This is a misconception. It is important to wash the car during cooler temperatures away from the sun. This is necessary in order to reduce and possibly even prevent water spots!


Using quality products to detail a car is key. If the wrong or cheap products are used, the car could easily get damaged and worsen the swirl marks. Our friends at F3 Auto Detailers endorse Chemical Guys, Sonax and Wolfgang Car Care Products!


Many aftermarket wheels have incredibly complicated designs. Take a look at this beautiful set of BBS’s on this BMW. It is important to clean the wheels before any other part of the car, since they can take a while to clean, and water spots could emerge on the car if the body gets cleaned first!


In order to have your wheels as shiny and gleaming as possible, F3 Auto Detailers recommend spraying Sonax on them then gently use a soft bristled brush to significantly speed up removing brake dust. To preserve the cleanliness of the wheels,  spray sealant such as VO7 to keep your wheels clean for a longer period of time!


Make sure to clean out the wash mitt in a dirty bucket, and then dunk it in a fresh bucket with soap. #thetwobucketmethod This ensures that the wash mitt does not become contaminated, and the car gets cleaned with only fresh water. Pick up a grit guard too while you are at it to prevent dirty particles to be picked up back again by your wash mitt to prevent swirl marks and hairline scratches!


Use a Pressure Washer with appropriate accessories to make sure the strong water gets rid of all the dirt on the car. #STIPower


Once the car is all foamed up and soapy, make sure to use the pressure washer to wash off all the soap. It is recommended to walk around the car multiple times and spray water from top to bottom to ensure that all the soap gets washed off. #toptobottom Finally, when drying, wipe down in one direction and don’t put a lot of weight on the microfiber towel to avoid scratches!


     Here it is, Car Washing 101 provided by our good friends at F3 Auto Detailers! You don’t always need expensive equipments to get good results. With tools you can simply pick up from your local stores, you can properly wash your car and have it looking great again!

Matt’s Vorsteiner F13 M6 with Akrapovic, Adv.1 Wheels

We are excited to present you Carsclusive’s 3rd Featured Car, Matt’s Vorsteiner F13 M6 with Akrapovic, Adv.1 Wheels

Q1. Please give us the list of all the modifications you have and other various
notable changes you have made to your vehicle:

Ans: Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust w/ Carbon Fiber exhaust Tips
AMS Catless Downpipes
Dinan Stage 2 Piggyback ECU Tune
Dinan Carbon Fiber intakes
AWE Power Carbon Fiber engine lid/cover
KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit
Adv.1 Adv05 Track Spec SL Wheels
Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber front lip
Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber side Aero blades
Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber rear deck lid spoiler
///M Performance Carbon Fiber mirror caps
Carbon fiber door handle covers
35% Tint all around except for windshield
BMW //M Performance Steering wheel V2
BMW ///M Performance Carbon fiber shifter
Escort Passport 9500Ci Laser/Radar w/ concealed install
AWRON Oled Vent Gauge
Autotecknic Carbon Fiber shift paddles
IND Carbon fiber steering wheel trim

Q2. Your sponsors and awards

Ans: 2016 America 911 Foundation “People’s Choice” trophy
2015 MPact “Best of show” trophy
2015 Hyperfest “BMW Other” second place trophy
2015 APAC “European Class” third place trophy
Sponsor: Elite Importz (Laurel, Md)
Sponsor: RRT Performance (Sterling, Virginia)
Sponsor: SpeedFreak Detailing (Sterling, Virginia)

Q3. What you like or dislike about your vehicle

Ans: I don’t like how tall the car is – even when lowered the vehicle feels taller than my ’06 Bmw M6.

Q4. Your future goals and plans for the vehicle

Ans: I’m pondering ideas of a custom interior this year.

Q5. Why you decided to go with this particular car over other cars with similar specs/price range?

Ans: I loved my 2006 Bmw M6 and decided to upgrade on my birthday. Huge improvement overall and definitely my style.

Q6. Favorite moments of ownership and the scariest/costliest moments of ownership.

Ans: -Everytime I hit a pothole it feels pretty costly. Lol.
-Scariest moment was when I was traveling down Rt 606 in Virginia around 80mph and a deer ran into the side of my car at the drivers door. No damage done.
-Thankfully the car is solid and in great health. I’ve never had any issues that weren’t self inflicted via subtle modifications.

Q7. Do you have a name for the car? If so what is it and why is it called that?

Ans: The car has no name. Sorry lol.

Q8. Is this only car you have or do you another? Daily? Past Cars?

Ans: Current daily (Wife’s Car): 2004 Ford Taurus SEL
Past Cars:
2005 Ferrari F430 Berlinetta
2006 BMW M6 Coupe
2005 Honda S2000
1991 Vw Jetta
1989 Honda Civic DX Sedan

Q9. Is this your dream car/favorite car?

Ans: I love my current 2014 BMW M6 but I’ve also had my eye on Ariel Atoms.. especially the newer Ariel Atom 3.5r.

Q10. If you had no financial restrictions, which car would you choose to buy?
(Choose up to 3)

Ans: Any Pagani Zonda or Huayra variant
Ariel Atom 3s (Track Toy)
BMW M6 GT3 (Track Toy)

Q11. Attach videos and/or pictures of your car you would like us to showcase
Please see attached photos

Ans: Carclusive Teaser Video:
Downshift Records Video:
Exhaust Video:

The Mercedes-AMG GT R

The new Mercedes-AMG GT R is the most track-focused version of the GT sports car yet, and its bright green exterior lets others know it means business. Starting under the hood is a modified version of the AMG GT’s “hot inside V” 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with sharper-reacting turbos and a new exhaust system, producing 577 horsepower and 516lb-ft of torque. This is a 74 horsepower and 37lb-ft of torque increase over the AMG GT S, a car that was praised by countless motorheads.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pic 1.jpg

The AMG GT R is also lighter than the S – it weighs just shy of 3,600 pounds and has a 0-60mph of 3.6 seconds with a 198mph top speed, a 0.2sec cut and 5mph rise over those of the GT S. The GT R also comes with three settings for the stability control as well as nine levels of traction control, adjustable via a racing car-like knob in the middle of the dashboard.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pic 2

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pic 3

            The GT R also comes equipped with a four-wheel steering system, which operates by wire rather than mechanically and allows the rear wheels to turn by as much as 1.5 degrees. This system, similar to the one in the 911 GT3 and other Porsches since, aids agility at low speeds and stability at higher speeds making the AMG GT R handle ridiculously well.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pic 4.jpg

            The Mercedes-AMG GT R debuts at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, with sales beginning in November and the car launching in March 2017. Expect the price to be a comfortable amount over the $150,000 AMG GT S.

The Wake: Huggie’s 2016 M4

We are excited to present to you all, Huggie’s 2016 (F82) M4, The Wake ft. Rock’s E92 M3 The Funeral

Q1. Please give us the list of all the modifications you have and other various notable changes you have made to your vehicle

Ans: So far I’ve only gone with aesthetic mods.  The (almost mandatory) paint-matched reflectors and black chrome M4 badge, side and front grills from IND.  A carbon fiber front lip.  Enlaes side skirts and trunk lid spoiler that was paint-matched to the car along with some Enlaes diffuser system. Threw some tint over the rear tail lights and roundels to darken the profile a bit.  Lastly some Vorsteiner VFF-103s.

Q2. Tell us your Sponsors & Awards

Ans: Sonic Tuning in Gaithersburg

Q3. What you like or dislike about your vehicle

Ans: There’s too much for me to list about the likes, but I’ll say coming from an E90 M3 that was supercharged, the torque is amazing for a stock M3/M4. The bad is that I miss the high revving engine of the S65 in the E9X M3.  Especially the sound.

Q4. Your future goals and plans for the vehicle

Ans: My next mod should be a tune of somesort to make the car perform better.

Q5. Why you decided to go with this particular car over other cars with similar specs/price range

Ans: After having two 4-door M3s I wanted to go coupe this time.  The M3/M4 is a great deal for the performance and technology brings to the table.  Oh, and love that warranty lol.

Q6. Favorite moments of ownership and the scariest/costliest moments of ownership

Ans: I haven’t had it long enough to have moments, so I guess the day I was able to bring it home.  It’s my first brand new car I ever purchased.

Q7. Do you have a name for the car? If so what is it and why is it called that?

Ans: I do actually. I call it “The Wake”. My buddy has a sick blacked-out E92 M3 that he calls the “The Funeral”. We feel like we’re going to kill the game this year with our crew, Rolling Status. You gotta have a wake before you have a funeral.

Q8. Is this only car you have or do you another? Daily?

Ans: My daily is a 2011 X3 M Sport.  Really fun little SAV with another awesome BMW engine (N55).

Q9. Is this your dream car/favorite car?

Ans: Definitely my favorite car at the moment, I’m sure I’ve dreamed of it lol.

Q10. If you had no financial restrictions, which car would you choose to buy? (Choose up to 3)

a.    E30 M3

b.    Porsche 911 GT3RS (991)

c.    I’m torn between two Ferraris, an F12 or 488.

The All New 2017 Subaru BRZ

            The Subaru BRZ hasn’t changed much since its debut in 2012, considering that the BRZ has been in production for 4 years.  decided it was time for some upgrades. The front fascia has been completely designed with an aggressive bumper cover and new headlight assemblies. In the back, Subaru also decided on a standard aluminum wing but with LED lighting for its tail lamp assemblies.

2017 Subari BRZ Pic 1.jpg

            The BRZ is also getting a small increase in power – 205 horsepower compared to the current 200. The torque is also getting increased from 151 lb-ft to 156 lb-ft. However, these power bumps will only be available with the six-speed manual. Subaru also felt that the improvements were enough to justify changing the sport button to a track button.

           Its ability to turn off stability control will remain unchanged. The BRZ’s little to no power increase will not be able to satiate the thirst of car enthusiasts. It is inevitable that many will still choose to either throw a turbo or supercharger on the car to see more drastic power changes.

2017 Subari BRZ LED Display.jpg

            The interior of the sports coupe will also be updated, with an all-new 4.2inch LCD display able to show a large variety of details, from g-forces to oil temperatures and accelerator pedal position. It will even include a stopwatch to record lap times for those interested.

2017 Subari BRZ Pic 2.jpg

            The BRZ will still be offered in two different trim packages – Premium and Limited, with the stick-shifted Limited models to receive a new performance package including Brembo calipers, larger rotors, and Sachs performance shocks for those looking for a  track-ready car directly from the showroom floor. Talk about a budget track car!

2017 Subari BRZ Pic 3.jpg

            The pricing for the new BRZ hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it shouldn’t be too different from the current figures. The 2017 BRZ coupes are scheduled to hit dealers in September, but the performance packages won’t be out until winter. Needless to say, here at Carsclusive, we are very excited to see the BRZ finally receive a facelift.