F3 Auto Detailing: Simple Steps for a Gleaming Car

     Everyone wants a car that looks great from the inside and out whether you are a car enthusiast or not. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the correct steps to have their beautiful cars look like new, or even better than new. Too many people unfortunately believe that simply bringing their car to a random car wash does the trick. This is purely not the most adequate way to maintain a car’s cleanliness for many years to come. Here at Carsclusive, we believe it is very important for car owners to know the right steps to take in order to have a well maintained clean car.


      Since many of you sent in questions in regards to maintaining your car, we decided to take you to a professional and provide you with a first hand glimpse at how detailing a Car is really done. Our mission was to provide a quick tutorial to the everyday car enthusiast on how to maintain and wash their cars properly with everyday tools and off-the-shelf products. We would like to thank our friends at F3 Auto Detailing providing us with a quick simple Detail 101 that anyone of us can do at home with minimal equipment.

Check out this video for an inside look of what a typical day at F3 Auto Detailing looks like!

     Lots of people tend to think washing the car in the sun will yield better results since hot sun equals drying fast. This is a misconception. It is important to wash the car during cooler temperatures away from the sun. This is necessary in order to reduce and possibly even prevent water spots!


Using quality products to detail a car is key. If the wrong or cheap products are used, the car could easily get damaged and worsen the swirl marks. Our friends at F3 Auto Detailers endorse Chemical Guys, Sonax and Wolfgang Car Care Products!


Many aftermarket wheels have incredibly complicated designs. Take a look at this beautiful set of BBS’s on this BMW. It is important to clean the wheels before any other part of the car, since they can take a while to clean, and water spots could emerge on the car if the body gets cleaned first!


In order to have your wheels as shiny and gleaming as possible, F3 Auto Detailers recommend spraying Sonax on them then gently use a soft bristled brush to significantly speed up removing brake dust. To preserve the cleanliness of the wheels,  spray sealant such as VO7 to keep your wheels clean for a longer period of time!


Make sure to clean out the wash mitt in a dirty bucket, and then dunk it in a fresh bucket with soap. #thetwobucketmethod This ensures that the wash mitt does not become contaminated, and the car gets cleaned with only fresh water. Pick up a grit guard too while you are at it to prevent dirty particles to be picked up back again by your wash mitt to prevent swirl marks and hairline scratches!


Use a Pressure Washer with appropriate accessories to make sure the strong water gets rid of all the dirt on the car. #STIPower


Once the car is all foamed up and soapy, make sure to use the pressure washer to wash off all the soap. It is recommended to walk around the car multiple times and spray water from top to bottom to ensure that all the soap gets washed off. #toptobottom Finally, when drying, wipe down in one direction and don’t put a lot of weight on the microfiber towel to avoid scratches!


     Here it is, Car Washing 101 provided by our good friends at F3 Auto Detailers! You don’t always need expensive equipments to get good results. With tools you can simply pick up from your local stores, you can properly wash your car and have it looking great again!

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