Nero DS Opaco LaFerrari

            There are only three Ferraris that come in this matte black color. The official name for this color is Nero DS Opaco. Even the steering wheel of this car is special. It has “CAVALLO INFERNALE” engraved in it which stands for “horse from hell”.


            This car for sale has a very low 211 miles on the odometer. Since this car is practically not driven, paired with how rare it is, we are expecting this car to sell for millions of dollars. If you search the internet, you will find that a total of 12 LaFerraris are for sale, with 10 of them being red, and the other 2 being white.


            The cheapest being sold is going for $2.8 million, and the most expensive is going for $4.9 million. What a bargain! The rare color of this specific car will certainly drive the price up, and people bidding on top of it will push the price up even further. We are expecting this auction to be wild.

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