VW’s Diesel Fix Pollutes The Air even more

            After the whole dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen promised to fix their diesel engines, and remove the software that would let its cars cheat on emission tests. The problem with the new fix is that their new cars actually pollute more than when the diesel models were cheating.


            Volkswagen updated their 1.2-liter and 2.0-liter diesel engines to a new standard. The only engine line that needed more than a simple software upgrade are the 1.6-liter engines. This engine type also required a new flow transformer, which would help with improving the mass airflow sensor readings.


            Recently, an Audi Q5 which had its cheat devices removes was tested. It turns out that this particular car released 25% more NOx gases than a cheating one. The European Consumer Organization is not happy about this finding, and wants VW to compensate European buyers, just like it did with US buyers. Volkswagen earlier claimed that fixing cars in Europe would be much easier than in the US, which is why the US got compensation and Europe did not.


            The European Consumer Organization wants European governments to put pressure on Volkswagen, which should encourage them to take ethics and the fix more seriously hopefully in a timely manner.


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