The Poseidon Tuned Mercedes-Benz E Class

            The stock Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG produces a highly respectable 557 horsepower figure. However, this number is nothing compared to supercars such as a Ferrari, or Lamborghini. Poseidon tuning decided to change that, and place the Benz in the same league as a highly powerful supercar. The Poseidon-tuned E class produces an eye watering 1,006 horsepower.


            This E-class has All wheel drive, and will hit 60 mph from standstill in just 2.8 seconds. The top speed of this speed demon is 218 mph. How is it possible that a tuning company can double a car’s insanely high power figure, which was hand built by some of the world’s top engineers? It all starts with upgrades to the turbochargers, and intercoolers.


            There are also various other performance upgrades, which include performance spark plugs, a new limited slip-differential on each axle, bigger brakes, stiffer suspension, and wider tires. On the inside of the car, the back seats got removed to shave off a large amount of weight. On the outside of the car, a large amount of carbon fiber has been added on the hood, mirrors, spoiler, and various other locations to once again shave off weight. One thing is certain. This is an E-Class that we are hoping to see in the near future.

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