The current BMW M2 is praised as one of the best to drive cars to this day. It has a powerful 365 horsepower engine, which allows the car to achieve similar 0-60 times as its older brother, the M4.However there have been complaints amongst the hard core BMW fans who claim that BMW’s M2 is not a real M car since it shares too many similarities with its non m counterparts.

            This may have very well led to BMW producing the performance line of the M2, the M2 GTS. BMW would make the GTS possible by removing a lot of sound insulating materials, and shaving off a lot of weight from the current M2. This will make the new variant limited, and much more hardcore. Carbon Fiber will also replace various aluminum parts of the car.

            The engine will also be finely tuned, and produce a hefty amount more power than the current M2’s N55 engine. I am excited to see how many of the M2 GTS will be produced, if this report is true. It is certain that the price of the GTS will certainly require deep pockets in comparison to the current M2.


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