The Golf GTI: The car that started it all

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has been one of the longest running production vehicle of any car manufacturer in the world. The Golf was meant to replace the beetle when it first started its life but didn’t really end up doing so because it was so different. The car turned out to be a way bigger success than anyone would have ever imagined. The formula of the car just seemed to click; lightweight with a modest amount of power, front wheel drive and enough space in between for anyone to use it as a daily driver. The Golf has always been one of the best all rounders out there it pretty much started the “hot hatch” genre. With all that of course, everyone wanted a Golf GTI and honestly who hasn’t wanted a GTI at some point in their life. I definitely know I have!

golf-gti-clubsport-3 Picture 1

The GTI has evolved into one of the best driver’s car for anything under $35,000. The GTI comes with a 210 HP 2.0 turbo four cylinder engine attached to a six speed manual. A six speed automatic is optional, but who buys a GTI with an automatic gearbox? If you are in the market for a GTI, the Performance Pack is always a recommendation. It adds 10 more horsepower, upgraded brakes and a more sensitive limited-slip differential. So why is the Golf GTI so good? Well, when you take an efficient yet powerful engine and match it with precision handling, a well balanced chassis and everyday practicality, the GTI ends up equalling something that people desire. That being the ultimate driver’s’ car that can be used everyday all without breaking the bank.

Golf GTI Picture 4

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