The Dodge Viper Gets In One Last Hurrah

            The first Dodge Viper was produced in 1992 and set the very definition for an American muscle car. But since then, sales have not done very well, as FCA has announced that the Viper would go out of production in 2017. In fact, less than 1,000 units were sold in the last two years, despite the triumphant unveil of the latest Viper at the 2012 New York Auto Show (The SRT Viper). It was meant to signal Chrysler’s resurrection after its bankruptcy and acquisition by Fiat, but unfortunately, no such thing happened. Its sales just couldn’t keep up with the production costs.

Special Edition Dodge Vipers Pic 1

            FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne stated that while he does have a lot of love for the car, the economic analysis just don’t add up. But to commemorate the car, Dodge has made five special editions – the 1:28 Edition ACR, the GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR, the VooDoo II Edition ACR, and the Snakeskin Edition GTC. It seems that this final performance has really shown results, as all 100 units of the GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR sold out within just two days. But believe it or not, this insane sellout speed was the the slowest of the sellouts. All 28 units of the 1:28 Edition ACR sold out within a mere 40 minutes.

Special Edition Dodge Vipers Pic 2

            The rest of the special edition units all sold out within two days, and the same is expected to happen when the new ACR Snakeskin Edition comes out soon. 31 units will be produced and orders will become available come mid-July. You’ll have to act fast if you’re interested in this special edition momento.

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