Alfa Romeo 4C Special Edition

        The Alfa Romeo 4C is known to be a compact sports car, which the Italians have managed to make look almost as good as some of the countries exotic cars. There is now a special edition, which was developed in collaboration with Garage Italia Customs. This special edition still runs on the normal 4C’s 1.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine but received a load of awesome exterior modifications.


            Alfa Romeo decided that this car had to look different from the regular 4C in some ways. This is why they decided to cover the entire car, engine cover, and brake calipers in a matte pearl gradient effect paint. The color goes from black to “Accursio” red.  The roof is carbon fiber, whereas the front headlight units, air vents, and side mirrors are finished in candy red. To make the colors even more vivid, the wheels are finished in gold.


            The inside of the Special Edition is completely red with a few hints of black here and there. Most of the interior is also finished in Alcantara. We believe that this edition is worth the extra cash.

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