The All New McLaren 570S Sprint

            There have been plenty of track-tuned sports cars released lately, and the newest kid on the block is McLaren’s 570S Sprint. This beauty is the only track-focused car in McLaren’s Sports Series and it has been blessed with a GT3-inspired radiator, an amazing front splitter, and a gigantic rear wing.

McLaren 570S Sprint Pic 1

            It’s got the standard six-point racing harness fitted to the seats, a stripped out interior with a rollcage, and even a fire extinguisher. It’s practically a real race car from factory! But like a real race car, the Sprint is not going to be street legal, meaning it’ll only be able to be admired on a racetrack. But according to McLaren, it won’t be able to enter any race series, as it doesn’t need the FIA GT4 standards, unless you upgrade it with a GT4 compliance pack.

McLaren 570S Sprint Pic 2.jpg

            McLaren hasn’t released any solid figures, but the Sprint can be expected to start at around £148,000, or approximately $218,000. It’ll be debuted at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed and here at Carsclusive, we are extremely excited to see it in action.

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