Full Electric I8

            Batteries are becoming extremely reliable and powerful. Thanks to companies like Tesla, BMW, and various other automakers, electric cars are becoming more common and accessible. With so many rivals starting to produce electric only cars, the current i8 might start to feel outdated. This is why secretly, BMW has been working on a replacement for the current i8, an all electric i8.


BMW has been testing a fuel cell prototype, which ran on hydrogen. This is now planned to replace the cylindrical tanks that hold the hydrogen, and replace them with batteries. The hopeful goal is that this new car that is being worked on will weigh no more than the current i8, and that it will achieve a higher range than 249 miles.

2015 BMW i8

Other than that change, the car will still be produced in carbon fiber structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the car, while still being able to maintain a rigid and sturdy chassis. If everything goes according to plan, then expect an all electric i8 soon.

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