The All-Electric Acura NSX

            Today, Acura revealed yet another racing variant NSX, one that is to be all-electric. It’s the NSX-inspired EV Concept which will be competing in the Electric Modified Cars Class at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

New Acura NSX Pic 1.jpg

            But unlike the NSX GT3, this car will keep the All Wheel Drive system, featuring technology that will enable four-wheel independent torque allocation. Honda/Acura hyped up its electrified CR-Z-based prototype last year at Pikes Peak, but this year’s car produces three times the total system output.

New Acura NSX Pic 2.jpg

Honda’s been really working on its AWD tech recently, and the high-output electric motors as well as 4-motor torque vectoring will really make this concept stand out at Pikes Peak this year. With many if not all of the automotive industry placing heavy focus on electric technology due to its immense power and environmental advantages, we are excited to see Honda’s take on a full electric supercar. Needless to say, here at Carsclusive, we are all really excited to see how it’ll turn out.

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