450 Horses from a 2.0-liter engine?!

            Volvo has created an engine that no other car manufacture can match at the moment. Volvo was able to achieve a 450 horsepower figure from old technology. This four-cylinder engine is equipped with two turbochargers, and a supercharger combined. Talk about a highly engineered engine components.


            This engine works differently in comparison to other turbo and supercharged engines. The electric supercharger spools the compressed air and shoots it into the turbochargers, which then spool up the air, until the exhaust gases form and take over. Not only does this engine increased MPG, it also reduces turbo lag due to the way it is engineered.


            When the driver decides to push the engine hard, the supercharger will shoot the compressed air directly into the engine, and avoid the turbo chargers. This helps reduce large pressure build up. Over 50 psi of force gets sent to the engine. We believe that this invention is revolutionary, and this will change the future of cars in the coming years.

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