The Wake: Huggie’s 2016 M4

We are excited to present to you all, Huggie’s 2016 (F82) M4, The Wake ft. Rock’s E92 M3 The Funeral

Q1. Please give us the list of all the modifications you have and other various notable changes you have made to your vehicle

Ans: So far I’ve only gone with aesthetic mods.  The (almost mandatory) paint-matched reflectors and black chrome M4 badge, side and front grills from IND.  A carbon fiber front lip.  Enlaes side skirts and trunk lid spoiler that was paint-matched to the car along with some Enlaes diffuser system. Threw some tint over the rear tail lights and roundels to darken the profile a bit.  Lastly some Vorsteiner VFF-103s.

Q2. Tell us your Sponsors & Awards

Ans: Sonic Tuning in Gaithersburg

Q3. What you like or dislike about your vehicle

Ans: There’s too much for me to list about the likes, but I’ll say coming from an E90 M3 that was supercharged, the torque is amazing for a stock M3/M4. The bad is that I miss the high revving engine of the S65 in the E9X M3.  Especially the sound.

Q4. Your future goals and plans for the vehicle

Ans: My next mod should be a tune of somesort to make the car perform better.

Q5. Why you decided to go with this particular car over other cars with similar specs/price range

Ans: After having two 4-door M3s I wanted to go coupe this time.  The M3/M4 is a great deal for the performance and technology brings to the table.  Oh, and love that warranty lol.

Q6. Favorite moments of ownership and the scariest/costliest moments of ownership

Ans: I haven’t had it long enough to have moments, so I guess the day I was able to bring it home.  It’s my first brand new car I ever purchased.

Q7. Do you have a name for the car? If so what is it and why is it called that?

Ans: I do actually. I call it “The Wake”. My buddy has a sick blacked-out E92 M3 that he calls the “The Funeral”. We feel like we’re going to kill the game this year with our crew, Rolling Status. You gotta have a wake before you have a funeral.

Q8. Is this only car you have or do you another? Daily?

Ans: My daily is a 2011 X3 M Sport.  Really fun little SAV with another awesome BMW engine (N55).

Q9. Is this your dream car/favorite car?

Ans: Definitely my favorite car at the moment, I’m sure I’ve dreamed of it lol.

Q10. If you had no financial restrictions, which car would you choose to buy? (Choose up to 3)

a.    E30 M3

b.    Porsche 911 GT3RS (991)

c.    I’m torn between two Ferraris, an F12 or 488.

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