BMW’s M2 ‘Gran Coupe’

The new M2 is already a huge deal. It is nearly as fast as the current F80 series M3, and is a whooping $12,000 cheaper. This Gran Coupe will be a big alternative for people in the market for an M3. The Gran Coupe will also have a huge price advantage over the M3. One of the few drawbacks with this new ‘Gran Coupe’, is that we won’t see it till at least 2019. People who want a 4 door M car now would most likely go for the M3.


By the time the M2 hits the market, it is very likely that the current 3-series and 4-series families will be replaced by its next generation. It is sad to see the current M3 be bashed by so many of BMW’s other models. After all, the M3 was known as one of the best performance cars on the market, and has always been the benchmark to beat.


Only time will tell how the M2 ‘Gran Coupe’ will stack up against the M3, but we are excited to find out.

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