Audi Reveals The All-New A5 & S5

            The last time Audi made a significant change to the A5 and S5 coupes was over nine years ago. But the wait has been well worth it for fans of the Audi coupes. The new A5 will come out with an all-new chassis, a variety of engine choices, and a much roomier interior. The exterior wasn’t changed too much, but the new A5 & S5 definitely looks more masculine.


            But despite the manlier look, the new A5 has actually lost a total of 132 pounds, according to Audi. Five engine choices will be offered in Germany, two gas and 3 diesel units with power ranging from 187 to 282 hp. In America, however, only the petrol-powered TFSI units will be offered. The S5 will also get a new 3.0-liter V6 engine, bumping its horsepower to 354.


            The A5 and S5 are also larger than its predecessors, with an elongated wheelbase allowing for more interior room. There will also be ample storage space in the trunk of this two-door coupe (16.4 cubic feet), and the A5 will be receiving a new 12.3-inch screen that will act as both a digital gauge cluster and display screen for other useful features such as navigation and media.


            A plethora of extra options will also be available, such as Android Auto and Apple Carplay along with a wireless charging pad for smartphones. There will also be additional safety features such as park assist, rear cross traffic assist, and collision avoidance assist. The S5 is definitely what we’re looking forward to more, as Audi did release that its 0 to 62mph is 4.7 seconds while offering 32 mpg. Both models will be released in Europe and Germany in the Fall of 2016, but exact release dates and pricing is yet to be announced.

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