The 600hp 100th Anniversary M6

            After releasing the special Jahre Edition M5 in 2014 and announcing the special Jahre Edition M3 recently, BMW is back in the news with a new celebratory car. The brand’s 100th birthday is coming up and to commemorate that, BMW’s Japanese branch has just unveiled the M6 Celebration Edition. This special M6 will be one of six special edition models in 2016 that will celebrate BMW’s centenary, and will come with a competition package, raising its horsepower to 600, and torque to 516 lb-ft.

BMW Celebratory M6 Pic 1

            The competition package includes more than just an upgrade in power. The 13 units of this car produced will also come equipped with M Ceramic brakes and improvements to the the suspension and steering, with an increase in top speed to 190 mph. Only 13 units will be produced to represent the car’s codename (F13). The car will include a special Austin Yellow paint and Merino Leather in black with yellow stitching.

BMW Celebratory M6 Pic 2

            Orders come out July 9th for 23,210,000 Japanese Yen, or $210,000. But with only 13 available in the world, getting your hands on one of these beauties will most definitely prove to be quite a challenge.

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