Mercedes Blows Away The Competition With Tts New Diesel Engines

            There has been a lot of controversy regarding Diesel engines in the United States following the Volkswagen Emissions scandal. Many believe that Diesel engines have become too dirty for today’s regulations. Mercedes Benz seems to think otherwise, and is ready to prove everyone wrong.


            The new Diesel engines are more powerful than their previous generation. What is incredibly impressive however, is the fact that on top of improved performance, they are also substantially cleaner. Unlike Volkswagen, Mercedes was able to build the necessary components directly into the engine block. The old components were found under the car floor.


            This new engine will first find its home in the all new E-Class. The figures are very impressive. It will deliver 74mpg, and only emit 102 grams of CO2 per kilometer. It emits only slightly higher than a much less powerful Toyota Prius. In the past, Mercedes invested over $3 Billion in a giant Diesel power plant. It shows that this giant investment has brought great results to the table and we are glad to see Mercedes get it right.

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