Make Way For The New Panamera Turbo

            Porsche claims that the next Porsche Panamera Turbo will be faster than their Carrera GT, a legendary car that is praised even to this day. This claim certainly has been steering a lot of buzz in the car community. This is precisely what the Panamera model line director Gernot Döllner wants.

            Autocar was invited to test drive the new Panamera in South Africa. Döllner mentioned various things about the car during the testing of the car, and casually snuck in the bit about the Nurburgring time being faster than the Carrera GT. If all this wasn’t enough, the new Panamera will also have greater trunk space, and there was a mention of a possibility to the 928 successor.

           The Carrera GT ran the Nurburgring in 07:28.71. which put the Carrera GT to be faster than the mighty Lexus LFA. Assuming the Panamera is really able to beat that time, hopefully by a few seconds, then it will be able to join the cars that are currently in the big league. There sure are high expectations that will need to be fulfilled. Regardless, we cannot wait to see the final Panamera Turbo be released.


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