World’s First C7 Generation Audi RS6 Sedan

            Audi used to create RS6’s in the sedan version. However, the latest model is limited to a Wagon version, which is mainly only seen in Europe. What a shame! Thankfully, a man named Roni Collin decided to take charge on this issue. He created the world’s only RS6 sedan of this generation packing  580hp and 656lb-ft of torque.

            Roni started this project with a stock Audi S6, and then added a wide body kit along with modifications to the engine. He managed to squeeze a solid 103lb-ft of torque extra out of this engine in comparison to the standard RS6 Avant version.

          If this wasn’t enough, he also added a Milltek decat exhaust system, 20 inch Rotiform HUR alloy wheels, and resprayed the car from black to Audi’s famous ‘Mochalatte’ color. His car is able to sprint from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds, and 0-125 mph in a mere 11.9 seconds. We hope that Audi sees his video, and decides to start building an RS6 sedan version once again in the near future.



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