The All New 2017 Subaru BRZ

            The Subaru BRZ hasn’t changed much since its debut in 2012, considering that the BRZ has been in production for 4 years.  decided it was time for some upgrades. The front fascia has been completely designed with an aggressive bumper cover and new headlight assemblies. In the back, Subaru also decided on a standard aluminum wing but with LED lighting for its tail lamp assemblies.

2017 Subari BRZ Pic 1.jpg

            The BRZ is also getting a small increase in power – 205 horsepower compared to the current 200. The torque is also getting increased from 151 lb-ft to 156 lb-ft. However, these power bumps will only be available with the six-speed manual. Subaru also felt that the improvements were enough to justify changing the sport button to a track button.

           Its ability to turn off stability control will remain unchanged. The BRZ’s little to no power increase will not be able to satiate the thirst of car enthusiasts. It is inevitable that many will still choose to either throw a turbo or supercharger on the car to see more drastic power changes.

2017 Subari BRZ LED Display.jpg

            The interior of the sports coupe will also be updated, with an all-new 4.2inch LCD display able to show a large variety of details, from g-forces to oil temperatures and accelerator pedal position. It will even include a stopwatch to record lap times for those interested.

2017 Subari BRZ Pic 2.jpg

            The BRZ will still be offered in two different trim packages – Premium and Limited, with the stick-shifted Limited models to receive a new performance package including Brembo calipers, larger rotors, and Sachs performance shocks for those looking for a  track-ready car directly from the showroom floor. Talk about a budget track car!

2017 Subari BRZ Pic 3.jpg

            The pricing for the new BRZ hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it shouldn’t be too different from the current figures. The 2017 BRZ coupes are scheduled to hit dealers in September, but the performance packages won’t be out until winter. Needless to say, here at Carsclusive, we are very excited to see the BRZ finally receive a facelift.

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