The Most Exclusive and Hardcore M4

The BMW M4 GTS is, simply put, a technological masterpiece. Clocking in at $134,200, this elevated version of the M4 coupe is armed with a race track aesthetic and a matching race track focus. Its 3.0 liter 6 cylinder 493 horse power engine, aided by an innovative water injection system, and its track-ready chassis will give drivers a more-than-capable track car while still being just as jaw-dropping on the open road. Just when we thought the M4 couldn’t get any better, BMW proves us wrong.


But he M4 GTS won’t be available to anyone who wants to get their hands on one. Only 700 units of this Special Edition M vehicle are being produced worldwide, with 300 of them being available for sale in the US market. In an effort to curb flippers and to hinder the damaging resale market, only BMW’s most loyal collectors and customers are cleared to purchase it.

While its exclusivity may disappoint some and its price point may not be justifiable to non-collectors, the advancements packed into this vehicle signal more innovative growth for the M series fleet and all of BMW. Regardless, we cannot wait to see the M4 GTS on the canyons and the track in the near future.


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