The Next Mercedes E63 AMG is getting a “drift mode”

Mercedes Benz’s AMG division is known for making astounding machines out of a stock car. They are super fun, provide engaging driving experiences, and carry tons of power to the rear wheels, which makes destroying tires too easy at times. Unfortunately, to be able to get to that level and properly drive these cars at their full potential, almost everyone would need to go through professional training on the circuit. This is, however, about to change.


The head of AMG, Tobias Moers wants beginner/novice drivers to also be able to drive their future cars like professionals. He mentioned that the new Mercedes-AMG E63 will be the first AMG to come equipped with a “drift mode” button. The “drift mode” most likely will work by modifying the traction control system to moderate the power going to the rear wheels. This is a system that Ferrari already currently has implemented in their lineup of cars.


Considering that the E63 AMG is far less expensive than a Ferrari equipped with “drift mode,” we at Carsclusive are excited to see how this will function on the next E63 AMG and how well it will actually perform. The only downside we can see from having the “drift mode” is the amount of rubber we would go through, which most definitely will put a hole in our wallets.

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