A Preview of the BMW 3 Series Killer

The New York Auto Show was filled with amazing displays and breathtaking vehicles, but nothing stood out as much as the New Genesis Concept car. Featuring a stunning sky blue exterior and an interior right out of science fiction, the New Genesis Concept car turned many a heads and is already making headlines around the world. If, hypothetically, you were to drive off the lot with it today, you would only have 242 horsepower and 240 ft-lb of torque to play with. Rest assured, however, that it is an almost absolute certainty that the consumer models of the future Hyundai Genesis that this car is teasing will pack quite a bit more punch. Given the super aggressive and futuristic look, we can only hope it would have as good of a performance to back it’s outstanding facade.


This prototype is glimpse of the future of Hyundai’s increasingly popular luxury brand. Manfred Fitzgerald, the Genesis head honcho told reporters that “the New York Concept is a progressive concept car that showcases the design quality of the brand.” He added that “with its expressive volumes and refined design, the New York Concept truly embodies the ‘Atlantic Elegance,’ that characterizes Genesis products and will continue to do so for future models that come from our luxury brand.” Hyundai is no longer satisfied with being just a regular run of the mill car brand. Instead, it wants to expand and focus on redefining itself in the luxury car market place. Needless to say, I think Hyundai is doing a phenomenal job at accomplishing this. 

nick 1.3_00009

It seems to us that this concept car is more than just a car: it’s a warning, an indication that the Genesis plans to aggressively take on industry giants like the BMW 3 series, which has been and always remained the benchmark luxury performance sedans in the car community. This may be some years away, but all we can say is that this spaceship-esque prototype has all of us at Carsclusive very, very excited.


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