What To Expect In The Refreshed 2017 GTR

The refreshed Nissan GTR, for a base price of $103,300, boasts the same 3.8 l twin turbo V6 engine, boosted for 20 more hp and 4 ft-lb of torque for a total of 565 hp and 467 ft-lb. If you opt for the top line GTR – the Nismo – you can expect 600 hp for a base price of $150,000. Note that the Nismo and premium editions of the GTR come standard with titanium exhaust.


For the record, we aren’t sure what the value of a GTR Nismo is to a non-collector. For the additional $50,000, after market modifications will take further Nissan for a fraction of the cost. In much less than the $50,000 price difference, you can afford to go full bolt on, e85, and push around 600 whp compared to the 600 bhp the stock Nismo produces.

The new model comes with some aesthetic changes as well both inside and out. The grill and hood have both been changed and the rear widened. Additionally, Nissan is attempting to erase the perception that their interiors are plasticky and cheap to the touch. The new interior,  revamped to the standard of the marketplace and other luxury sports car brands, includes a less cluttered center console, lighter and more comfortable seats, and a reduction in plastic surfaces.


To meet the needs of daily drivers, Nissan has altered the suspension for heightened comfort and smoothness. Nissan has also addressed the 6 speed dual clutch transmission, which was notorious for being notchy and rattly.  Furthermore, Nissan has updated its acoustics with sound deafening glass and active sound canceling in what we suspect will be a very controversial decision.

Competitors, like the C7 ZO6, or the Dodge Viper arguably  are much better cars for their price now since the GTR is no longer the only bang-for-the-buck high performance vehicle in the market right now.

The GTR (R35) refresh is great, but with competition closing in we can’t help but look forward to the R36. R36 is still projected for 2020, which, rumor has it, will be a hybrid.


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