Acura’s New NSX already has reforms planned with its rumored “Type R” variant

With the just recent publicity of the Acura NSX, there is already a buzz floating around stating that another new NSX will be released, the “Type R”. What are some of the differences between them? The new variant would get a much higher price tag for 20-30 more bhp. It would also get rid of the hybrid technology, and the all wheel drive system that the current Acura NSX is equipped with making the “Type R” to be a much more purified sports car just like the original NSX we all loved.  

The current 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 which produces a juicy 500 horsepower, and 406 pound-feet of torque, will be carried over, along with the block, headers, valve train, crankshaft, pistons, and the dry sump lubrication system. The power of the “Type R”, however, would be sent to the rear wheels with a six-speed sequential gearbox. The two NSX’s would also share the same lightweight body and aluminum frame.


The 2017 Acura NSX has been criticized for having a lack of character and aggression. For the price, the Acura NSX definitely does not surpass the performance of its competitors. It’s “lack” of power and much too complicated electronics, many traditional NSX lovers are disappointed since the New NSX is very different of car than the original. With The Type R, Acura plans to address this issue. The Type R NSX would be fitted with brand new lightweight racing seats and a more F1 racing like dash and steering wheel. Furthermore, the Rear Wheel Drive and it not being a hybrid car will make the Type R NSX to be a much more purified sports car. Acura’s goal is to be able to go head to head with the all mighty Porsche 911 GT3.


These are all speculations however. The next exciting thing for the brand will be the NSX GT3 which was just shown at the New York Auto Show.

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